Technology is such a bore. It lacks the subtlety of a pencil and paper. But times change and life moves on, let us see how I go.


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Little actions change lives.

As a reacher,  and writer,  I know the joys of reading, there is no greater feeling of achievement than learning to read. As a child I can remember running home so excited, as I slammed the fly wire screen door” mummy, mummy if you put letters together they make words! ” Even now at 70 years of age this is one of my most momentous discoveries.  The next step is to open up the world of discovery, travel, ideas through the written world to many other children, no, people of all ages. One member of a family who can read opens up a world to every one, it can, and will change lives. So please support and enrich lives by supporting  this worthy programme and give a person the great gift of literacy, the ability to read and discover a wider world.

Lorinna Hastings.


Seed pods

Do you ever go walking, see seedpods on the ground, stoop, pick them up, and look with amazement at their simple elegance and beauty? What a sublime way of packaging these seeds that will eventually grow into shrubs, trees, flowers and then eventually fruit, seed and start the process again. The simplest part of nature, like autumn leaves lies strewn across the ground unnoticed by people, small children and artists or craft makers may deem to stoop to collect them and loving take them home, draw, paint, treasure or craft, repurpose is the word I think.  How few of us look at the tree from whence they fell and wonder how the small object in the case transformed into a majestic tree? Time to sit and sketch the tree.



Today I hit a button on my iPad and this came up,  for me it is another adventure into the confusing and somewhat mysterious world of technology. I am a paper, pencil and paint type of girl….well sadly no longer a girl, young at heart.